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Delivering great digital signage.... through Deliveroo!

Our latest corporate comms installation for Deliveroo has 'delivered' the studio, an abundance of creative opportunities!

We are all familiar with the term corporate comms and the stereotypical examples of 'being corporate'. However, 'being corporate' certainly doesn't mean YOU CAN’T BE FUN, and Deliveroo have demonstrated that perfectly, with their eye-catching branding and unique illustrative style. There is always going to be the need to share information across a company and you can achieve this using Digital Signage; using dynamic data to help create a rich set of templates to help educate employees. Whether its weather, tube information, news, or something more personal like wishing an employee Happy Birthday, templates are a wonderful way to communicate, and thanks to Pixel, can be as creative as your brand will allow!

The studio did a fantastic job of bringing the templates to life through a mixture of motion graphics and complex character animation, frame by frame, helping instil personality and creating content that really grabs attention. The time invested was certainly a worthwhile addition to an already exciting brand and let’s be honest, the final output is, well, FUN!

If you need a brand boost, or want to enhance your on-screen graphics through animation, get in touch!


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