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ISE Conference 2022

Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), the world’s biggest AV systems integration show, finally returned in May this year after a difficult period over the last 2 years. This year it was set at the Fira de Barcelona. Being delayed until May rather than the originally agreed date of February, the Mediterranean sun was certainly giving off some strong heat, leading to what can only be imagined as a significant electricity bill for the air conditioning units at the conference… Aside from the weather, which was certainly a hot topic amongst the British passengers when the plane from Manchester hit the tarmac, the abundance of world-leading technology innovators was the main reason our research team headed to Barcelona to investigate. With our passes for the conference at the ready and the excitement of the trip ahead of us, a direct taxi direct from the airport to the Fira de Barcelona seemed our only option.

ISE 2022 consisted of 834 exhibitors across six “Technology Zones”, collating to a total floor space of 48,000 square metres. Even though the size of the venue was substantial, the show was still very organised and easy to navigate around, meaning each attendee was able to witness the depth of technology that was on show there. With five full days of inspiring conferences, events and experiences, there was certainly no disappointment.

During our visit, we first ensured that we visited all of our hardware and software partners. This was to not only learn about their new and improved product lines but also to have a long-overdue face-to-face catch-up before the pandemic. The sense of normality alongside the constant buzz around the show was a great feeling.

On the whole, it was certainly an interesting visit. We saw many interesting solutions, many of which we can and have implemented for our clients. The major solution on appearance at nearly every one of the larger stands was LED, which due to its large format and customisable nature, was rather predictable. We must stress however that this is not a criticism.

Some of the fine-pitch LEDs on display were mindblowing and attracted a lot of attention from show attendees. Seeing the solutions we have already implemented such as LED, shelf edge, projection, directional audio etc. was still incredibly useful as we were able to first see how they have progressed and second learn about some other ways that they can be used, therefore giving us some great ideas to take back home with us.

Even though the AV industry is fast-paced, this year suggested to us that in its current climate, product changes within it seem to be edging more towards evolutionary than revolutionary. We were not particularly surprised by any new products or solutions on show, but were more so by the progression of current solutions such as high-bright LCD and LED. To conclude, our trip to the Spanish coastline was certainly worth it due to the knowledge we brought home with us. Our research team will hopefully return next to ISE in January 2023 for more tours, events and experiences throughout the show, as well as for the sangria and seafood paella!


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