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Maximising Content Creation

While a lot of the studio work we do involves complex techniques such as 3D modelling and bespoke character animation, it’s sometimes the simple jobs that are the most effective.

A large proportion of what our studio produces each day is adding simple animation effects to a static POS, as with this recent POS menu for one of our QSR clients; with the brief being ‘to bring the content to life and use movement to highlight the key options available.

Time was tight on this campaign, so a quick turnaround was vital. The client supplied Pixel with the existing InDesign file for their print and let Pixel do the rest. We used some simple but effective techniques to draw the eye to certain areas of the menu, ensuring there wasn’t too much movement going on at any one time so as to focus attention on each message in turn.

Being able to take pre-existing print assets and have an effective piece of digital content created with minimal studio time is always a win in our book, even if we are decidedly hungry now…


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