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The importance of Digital Signage and Media Solutions

Digital Media is a term used to encompass the countless ways in which digital content can be served by sending data to a device that translates that data into audio, video, graphics, or text.

In a commercial sense, this includes hardware devices such as digital signage, digital menu boards, interactive kiosks, navigation systems and in-store audio as well as many others.

Read on to discover the importance of digital media by understanding the benefits it can bring to your business, the solutions available and how various industries are reaping the rewards from utilising this powerful tool to engage and inform customers.

Digital Signage

Why did we mention Digital Signage specifically in the headline of this article? Because it’s one of the most high impact forms of in-store digital media and the absolute intersection of the physical and digital environments.

In a world where consumers have become accustomed to companies promoting the newest trends on their website home page or serving us a ‘Have you seen these?’ recommendation before checkout, it can benefit businesses tenfold to extend that digital environment into a physical store experience by offering the same convenience.


There are endless digital signage possibilities and choosing the right partner to understand your goals and explore the most effective approach for your business is important. Here are just a few to get you inspired:

  • LCD Screens - Single/Multi

  • Custom LED Screens

    • large format

    • ribbon

    • halo

    • strips

    • pillars

  • Ultra bright Screens

  • Window displays

  • Interactive surface displays

  • Social media integration displays

  • Queue management /waiting room displays

  • Shelf edge displays

  • Electronic labeling

  • Projector displays



Attention grabbing and engaging Engaged consumers are more likely to become actual customers and passers-by who may otherwise not have entered are more likely to become customers. Readily available product information Convert consumers to a purchase without the need for in-person assistance Flexibility to change and automate content Quickly implement new promotions, offers, and products as well as keep your brand consistent across different locations Greater recall and retention When compared to static signage, digital signage results in a higher recall thanks to its video and motion graphic capabilities. And we don’t just mean a bit. Lower perceived wait times With more than one advantage, queue displays can be used to advertise products and distract customers, in turn making them less frustrated and less likely to leave the store due to queue length. Proven sales uplifts By providing purchase decision information, promoting products and deals in engaging formats and removing in-store frustrations, digital signage sees consumers making more unplanned purchases following visual triggers.

  • Fashion Retail

  • Cosmetics Retail

  • Luxury Products Retail

  • Automotive Retail

  • Travel Retail

  • Banking Retail

  • Warehouse Retail

  • Hospitality, Events & Public Spaces

  • Healthcare

  • Property Sector

  • Restaurants and QSR

  • Foreign Exchange

  • Corporate office space

In a nutshell, digital signage is a great way to inform consumers of new releases, promotions, product information and pricing. It can also entertain, through use of videos and interactive games not to mention its flexibility and automation capabilities.

Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards technically fall under the digital signage umbrella - the menus are designed using clever motion graphics and product information which is displayed on screens that form an entertaining visual focus for waiting customers. And as we already discussed above, this can grab the attention of passers-by as well as reduce perceived wait times.

However, the key reason for pulling out digital menu boards as its own solution, is the capability to control the content displayed – and this really is a game changer for the restaurant and QSR industries.

Cold outside? Let’s get a promotion on your hot soup range to entice chilly customers. Long queue? Speed up customer decision making by reducing the number of promotions and simplifying the information displayed for quicker purchase decisions.

Put simply, Digital menu boards allow you to show the right offer, at the right price, in the right place at the right time.




  • LED displays

  • LCD displays

  • Projectors

  • Update content instantly

  • Automate content through integrations with inventory management systems

  • React automatically to:

  • time of day the weather outside the queue length audience profile at that moment in time

  • Integrate with pre-ordering technology

  • Various levels of control can be allocated to each staff member

  • Ability to mark items out of stock from your tablet, phone and smart watch

  • Proven sales uplifts

  • Restaurants

  • QSRs

Digital Menu Boards offer restaurants and QSR operators a hugely flexible, adaptive, and reactive canvas on which to display their products and promotions.

Interactive Kiosks

If you’ve ever had the experience of waiting in a store until someone appears from behind the ‘Staff only’ door, or you’ve had to wait while a staff member discusses what they had for lunch with another customer, then you know the feeling of frustration and how damaging it can be to a brand and customer experience that assistance isn’t always readily available.

By providing interactive, self-service kiosks, customers are able to obtain the information they want without the need for immediate assistance, therefore maximising their customer experience.




  • Information assistant

  • Order points

  • Check in service

  • Click and collect

  • Account management

  • Interactive applications can provide in store experience or be a fully integrated part of the customer journey

  • Increasing the speed and efficiency of customer flow

  • Increase transaction speed,

  • Retail

  • Travel

  • Banking

  • Hospitality

  • Healthcare

  • Corporate office space

These interactive and informative solutions can be purposed for in-store use, within the hospitality sector, within the healthcare sector or as part of the workplace.

Wayfinding & Navigation systems

Imagine investing in your marketing and driving people to site only for them to get lost and be unable to reach the place they want to get to.

Interactive wayfinding & navigation systems are a great way to help customers, passengers, patients and staff get to where they want and are compatible with mobile phones, so the user can take the route finding with them as they are on the move.

Due to their sheer size, many people need help navigating places like airports, shopping centres, hotels, hospitals, university campuses and even cruise liners.




  • Touch screen displays with integrated pro-grade media players

  • Integrated printers and route sharing technologies

  • Augmented reality solutions

  • Self-generating capabilities

  • Re-draw maps and directions to the end user based on any changes you require

  • Create bespoke layouts and features to every unit of the map ensuring you maximise on usability

  • Simplistic designs and flexibility in function

  • Reduced costs and ensures changes are made as and when they happen

  • Retail

  • Travel

  • Hospitality

  • Healthcare

  • Education

Offering a direct path to a product or place can help encourage brand confidence and improve the overall customer journey.

In-store Audio

There is no argument, the best retail experiences are multi-sensory in their approach and with the rapid growth of digital e-commerce, brick-and-mortar retailers require more effective tools to compete in the physical world. For the consumer, heightened senses form stronger emotional responses. For the retailer, this is a chance to impact your consumers’ behaviour while building your brands’ reputation.

By combining audio as part of your customer experience you can really elevate the emotional attachment to your brand, especially when formulated so that all digital media channels work together in a synchronised manner. Music can be curated centrally or locally using web-portals, apps and touch-screen interfaces or alternatively can be managed by a third party to meet your musical playlist requirements.

In-store audio gives your environment an identity through the design of a unique soundtrack.




  • In-store music and radio solutions

  • Professional-grade equipment

  • Designed off-plan to ensure even, top quality coverage

  • Multi-zone amplifiers and mixers

  • Well-known brand partners such as Bose and Audio Pro

  • Integrates with fire-alarm and paging systems where necessary

  • Music content suppliers allow choice of both royalty free and fully licensed music

  • Craft ambience​

  • Create a welcoming environment​

  • Communicate with customers

  • Intersperse spoken messages

  • Speed up /slow down shoppers

  • Have control over the audio in different zones of your store

  • Retail

  • Travel

  • Hospitality

  • Healthcare

  • Education

Ready to start your journey to a digital transformation?

At Pixel Inspiration we’ve worked with well-known retailers across the UK, Europe and USA and manage over 30,000 screens, which means we know what we’re doing when it comes to digital media and content creation.

We use only the best hardware and software solutions available and provide service with a smile thanks to our talented and friendly in-house team of animators, illustrators, 3D artists, coders, photographers, filmmakers, motion graphics gurus, UI/UX designers, copywriters and support & engineering teams.

From story-boarding unique concepts and filming original footage to the design and development of 2D and 3D assets: we do it all. And the final cherry on our turn-key solution cake is our support service that ensures everything’s working as it should be - 24/7.

We have decades of award-winning experience that you can put your trust in, so weather it’s a piece of the puzzle or the whole pie, get in touch and speak to us about your digital media goals today...


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