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The Queue Whisperer: Secrets to Smarter Line Management

They say that we spend, on average, 11 days of our lives queuing… which is a lot of time by anyone’s standards! But while waiting in line can often feel like a means to an end, for businesses, it’s an opportunity to entertain, automate, inform, and advertise.

Queuing may well be inevitable from time to time, but it doesn’t have to mean doing nothing just idly waiting for the seconds to tick by until it’s your turn. If fact leaving your customer to do just that can make the wait time seem even longer!

Customers standing in line provide an opportunity for brands to take full advantage of the dwell time, keeping them happy by engaging and entertaining to reduce their perceived wait time, using innovative software to inform about how long they’ll have to wait, direct them to less busy queues or self-service tills, and showcase brand promotions to help upsell products. It's win-win for all!

To do this successfully, it’s important to make sure you invest in the best queue management solutions to ensure you have the capability to do all this. When it comes to tech in a digital signage capacity, half-hearted attempts will cost you money in the long term, and potentially damage your reputation in the short. Your customers and employees will soon notice if you cut corners, and why would you, when there is a wealth of benefits to reap from the dynamic systems that make sure your visuals are automated, eye-catching and crystal clear.

It’s also essential that your digital solutions work 24/7 and, to that end, you’ll need to make sure they’re constantly monitored so that any problems are addressed as soon as possible, always ensuring customer satisfaction and a seamless store experience are delivered.

If you’d like to find out more about in-house call forward solutions and how you and your brand could benefit, get in touch with the Pixel Inspiration team today.


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