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Window screens have become not only a key media channel for businesses in the last few years but more recently a strong platform to communicate the important Covid messaging we now see as the norm on the high street, as well as providing the flexibility to manage communications of stores openings and closures.

In the mids of Lockdown 2.0, our client Chopstix, opened another noodle store in Cardiff. As a NSO and given the rest of the country we’re in and out of tier 1, 2, 3 or 4, Chopstix used the opportunity to reimagine their digital marketing and give it a ‘fresh’ lease of life. This meant Pixel had a brief to consider key comms to a new market and new customers but also considering what key comms needed to be present across all Chopstix sites that gave customers reassurance they’re looking for.

We reviewed their current POS comms and using their brand assets and guidelines, brought life and vibrancy to digital. Creating a suite of digital assets that can be reutilised, combined with the CMS means Chopstix can highlight to their customers and passer by’s whether the store is open and, whether it’s available for delivery services. Overall, a job well done combining Pixel’s studio services with our ability to deliver a NSO installation of digital screens – all in a 2 week turnaround!


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